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National Respiratory Therapist Week October 23rd-29th 2022
Respiratory therapists (RTs) are highly skilled health care professionals. They have specialized medical expertise and use their knowledge and skills to provide safe, high-quality care. If you have medical problems that may be caused by cardiorespiratory or respiratory-related issues, respiratory therapists are the experts who will work with you to diagnose, treat and manage your condition.
The CSRT proclaims the last week in October as Respiratory Therapy Week in Canada, to celebrate the respiratory therapy profession and the outstanding dedication and passion of RTs. This includes all areas of respiratory therapy practice, including anesthesia assistance. At Intersurgical Canada, we’d like to take this week as an opportunity to give recognition to all respiratory therapists and their unique skills, education and research, and dedicated patient care.

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National Infection Control Week October 17th-22nd, 2022

Proclaimed since 1989 by the federal government, National Infection Control week is an opportunity to celebrate the valuable work of those engaged in infection prevention and control.

At Intersurgical Canada, we carry a wide variety of Infection Control devices, such as our filtration systems and Silver Knight™ anti-microbial breathing systems. Our range of respiratory products offer a number of options which may be used to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between patients and health care workers in the clinical environment.  

All of our filters are tested at specialist microbiology laboratory facilities against clinically relevant bacterial and viral challenge.

Our range of HMEFs combine high filtration efficiency with optimal humidification to provide trusted and proven performance to improve infection control. 

Silver-Knight™ is a range of breathing systems with an anti-microbial additive that inhibits bacterial growth and reduces the risk of cross-infection. It functions as a safe, quick and effective catalyst to deactivate pathogenic bacteria and prevent their proliferation.

Visit or make an enquiry to find out more.

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